• Sanyade Okoli

A Breaking Down to Rebuild

I sense that pastors are feeling the pressure to look brave and act like they have it all together at a time when they don’t. I sense a buckling under the weight and a crumbling of facades; like masks falling off.

I sense that Church leaders who have been acting out of their calling (e.g. teachers trying to be pastors) will be exposed at this time. However it will be an exposure for good and not for ill; almost like them being relieved of burdens too heavy for them as they were not meant to be carrying them.

I sense that going forward there will be greater emphasis on the five-fold ministry rather than just on “Pastors”. That a rebuilding of the Church on godly and firm foundations will commence.

I see like the shedding of old, tired, scaly skin and the emergence of beautiful fresh new skin.

I hear new wine skins for new wine; like the Lord has been waiting for new wine skins to be in place in order for Him to pour out His new wine. I sense that out of the ashes of the pandemic will come new wine skins and therefore new wine.

It is scary to let go of the old familiar wine skins but if we want to see God truly move as we desire we must let go of the familiar and trust Him with the unfamiliar. Trust will be a key currency in the coming season; trust in God and Him alone; not looking to ourselves, other men, money, career, etc. but looking to God and Him alone - the Author and Finisher of our faith.


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