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A call from God to the Nigerian Church at this Time

On the 29th of September this year, I was working on a project that led me to seek the Lord concerning His heart for Nigeria. He was good enough to talk to me not just about His thoughts concerning Nigeria but also about the Church in Nigeria.

Not wanting to be presumptuous, I waited for Him to give me the release to share the prophetic word. In the last few days, I have been sensing a prompting to share what the Lord laid on my heart regarding the church.

I pray that at a time such as this the word brings you great comfort, encouragement, strength, and direction.

I heard the Lord say:

“I hear your cry, but do you hear My cry? Will you align with Me and My purposes? Will you set aside your individual plans and agendas to come together to work on My agenda and My plan?

Will you open your eyes to see that I am doing things differently? Take me out of the box. The way I operated yesterday is not necessarily going to be how I operate today. I am timely, I am ‘on point’. I am a ‘Now God’. Yet, I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I operate in season.”

Then I saw a swirling motion. When I pressed in to get an interpretation, I sensed the Lord saying that we were entering into a season where we would see some motion or movements which would appear scary but it would be for good. He compared it to John 5:4 where the angel of the Lord stirred the water of the Pool of Bethesda, not for evil but for good. He reiterated what He had said to me about a month before regarding not being fearful about some of the stirrings we may see (

The Lord went on to say:

"I have put witty inventions and godly ideas in the hearts of My people but they have been scared to move forward with them. Hope must be restored in the hearts of the individuals. At every level – individuals, states, corporates, national – you need to go back to My prophetic words. Process the prophetic words that you have received (please look out for a post regarding processing prophecies over the next few days) and begin to act upon them; aligning with what I have said. Processing prophecies (essentially breaking them down into digestible and actionable chunks) is pivotal not just for your individual lives but also for the nation.

I am calling you, My people, to be bold. It is time for My people who I have been preparing for such a time as this to come out of the caves. I want you to come out and let your light shine."

I saw a picture of a water level that had been rising and rising. The Lord explained that it was our prayers that had reached the top and was now overflowing. Our prayers are wetting the ground of Nigeria and making it fertile. He said “Do not stop praying; let the flow of My spirit flood every nook and cranny of Nigeria. Keep praying, keep praising, keep worshiping, keep pushing until the plains of Nigeria, the hills and the valleys, everywhere, is flooded with My presence, with My glory, so they accomplish everything I have set out to accomplish.”

“There will be a time of division but not national division. I am dividing the wheat from the chaff. It will be a time of sifting.

You are entering into a season of exposure – I will be exposing people for who they are, their hearts, and I will start with the Church.

When you see things happening, do not be surprised or alarmed. Just trust and know that I am at work. The happenings will reflect the first fruits of the manifestation of My promises concerning Nigeria.”

I got a strong sense of God reassuring us not to be worried or perturbed by any trouble or chaos that we see; they are the early fruits, the budding signs of Him at work. I perceived that Satan will think it is his work but how wrong he will be (similar to when he thought that he had sent Jesus to the cross to destroy Him). Satan will be doing things that he doesn’t realise are merely fulfilling God’s plans.

As I continued to wait on the Lord He said:

“You are entering a time of breaking down to build up. The breaking down must occur for the building up to take place. You are entering a season where you will find that 1 +1 will equal 4. You will see Me doing things, lighting sparks, putting My fire in different areas. It will be such manifestation of My glory.

Be discerning however! Not everyone will recognize what I am doing. You must ensure that you recognize the fire you will see as Me calling your attention to what I want to do and the instructions I want to give to you. Like Moses, you will need to pause and stop in order to recognize the fire. It is a fire to get your attention and not to consume you. Pause and listen to the instructions I want to give to you. Ensure you recognize your individual fire. Stop, pay attention, and hear the call.

When you hear the call, do not say, ‘Who am I Lord?’ but instead say, ‘Father God, I trust You, please help me to be obedient, to obey immediately, and to do exactly what You have asked me to do!’

I know the call upon your life. I know the abilities, gifts, talents, and every other thing that is required to fulfil the call. I know the people I have put alongside you to bring to pass what I have called you to do; the destiny helpers. Trust Me to provide what you need when you need it.

Do not be fearful of the call. Do not be cowed and intimidated by the call. Trust the Giver of the call and go out and do what I have called you to do. Have in mind that if you don’t step out and do what I have called you to do, it has wider implications.”

He brought to mind Moses and the role he played in bringing deliverance to the children of Israel. He got me to consider what would have happened if Moses had not stepped out in faith as and when he did. I sensed the Lord challenging us as Christians with the following words, “Whose liberation are you delaying by your unwillingness and tardiness to do the things I have called you to do?”

The Lord was saying, “Now is the time! Now is the time!”

I sensed an urgency for us to do what He has called us to do, to take on the mantles He has called us to. He is urging us to not trust in ourselves but to trust in the God who has called us.

Then I sensed the Lord inviting us, as the Body of Christ in Nigeria, to partner with Him to speak over the nation; to align our words with His words and speak blessings over the nation.

"Where are My prophets and My minstrels? Where are My prophetic minstrels? I am calling My minstrels to speak peace over Nigeria, to declare over Nigeria what I am saying. I am calling them to take the prophetic words I have spoken over Nigeria and make them into beautiful songs that people all over the nation and abroad will be singing; words that align with My truth. People will be singing songs that align with what I am saying about Nigeria.”

I sensed that as we declare the truths over Nigeria it will shift clouds over the nation; it will shift atmospheres. It will restore hope. I discerned that the minstrels coming up with these songs will begin to restore hope in the hearts of Nigerians concerning the nation.

Thereafter, I felt the Lord inviting us to dig deep; to have our roots go deeper and deeper in Him; for us not to be shallow, for us not to be casual. He was saying that we needed to go deeeep in Him. He said, “There is more. Some of you have been crying out for more and I am saying that there is more; come closer, go deeper, go higher. Come! Come! Come!”

The Father is inviting us to keep pressing in to hear more; more about His heart for us. Not just as individuals or as a community but for the states, the different ministries, departments and agencies (“MDAs”), and for the nation.

He is calling watchmen to different spheres of society; not just to the different mountains but to the different MDAs, different communities, different local governments, different aspects of society. He is calling His watchmen to partner with Him, to seek His heart over the different areas that He has given to us to steward and to keep declaring His heart over those areas.

Then the Lord spoke to me about the power of prophetic prayers. His desire is that we shift how we pray for Nigeria from praying our desires for the nation to praying His revealed heart instead.

Finally, he said:

“Above all things, fix your gaze on Me. Fix your gaze completely on Me. Not on the circumstances, not on the situations, not on each other, not on government, not on the Church, but fix your gaze completely on Me. Watch what I do and then emulate Me.”

I sensed very strongly at the time I received this word that the 60-year anniversary of Nigeria's independence that was coming up a few days later would be a watershed. I felt a strong conviction in my spirit that there was something significant about “Nigeria at 60” and that we should not take it lightly. I believe that the key difference between Nigeria at 60 and previous milestones is how we, as the Body of Christ in Nigeria, steward what the Lord has said concerning the nation and what He wants to do concerning Nigeria.

Call to Action

  • Spend time with the Lord asking Him how He would like you to partner with Him concerning what He is doing in Nigeria.

  • Ask Him to give you a plan of action on how to go about partnering with Him.

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