• Sanyade Okoli

A Letter of Apology to My Daughter’s Teachers

At home

Where I have been

For a long time now



Date: Two weeks into remote learning

Dear Ma/Sir

We love you! Come back! All is forgiven!

How are you doing today? How was your night? How is your family? I hope your children are all well.

Ma, Sir, I just want to apologise now; not just for myself but on behalf of all the other parents – whether we have personally offended you, or not. Please, ehn, don’t be annoyed.

For every harsh word spoken, we apologise.

For every patronising look given, we apologise.

For each time we sent our children in with homework on crumpled sheets and palm oil stains, we apologise.

For the times we didn’t even bother with the homework because we had weekends packed with more worthwhile activities – play dates, birthdays, weddings, and assorted “owambes” – we apologise.

For the times we used eba to finish off “our projects” because we had left it too late and run out of glue, we apologise.

Do I hear you thinking, “It’s ok, you don’t need to apologise; I haven’t been perfect myself”? Aaahh… noo…. it’s fine….

For all the times you marked my child’s work wrong when it was right, no need to apologies


For all the times you wrongly shouted at or punished my child, no need to apologise.

For all the times you harshly judged me and my child in your mind, no need to apologise.

For all the times you quietly pinched my child because I had forgotten to get you a Christmas present (yet again), no need to apologise.

For all the times you sent work home for my child to do with me when you knew full well I wouldn’t understand, no need to apologise.

So here’s what I was thinking right…..

Lagos State has partially lifted the (partial?) lock-down.

I think you should come back to school and I promise I will send my child in on time.

I think you should do social-distance teaching and I promise to keep more than a social distance from you.

I am even thinking ehn, as we are trying to limit movement at this time, should we not even have her board?

I know she is only seven but it will only be for a few months.

Oh! Did you say, “…but this is a day school with no boarding facilities!”?

That’s ok… you can take her home with you!

This way, she will get to class on time with the right materials, behave as you would like her to in class, and always do her homework.

I hope you see the full sense in this my suggestion.

Ma, Sir, I eagerly await your favourable response.

Yours faithfully

A Truly Repentant Parent

PS. I just had another thought. If she will now been staying with you, would that then make you responsible for her fees? I don’t know o! I am just asking.


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