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Always a Mountain to Climb

I am generally a very calm person, but I realised recently that I had been dealing with some deep-seated anxiety. You wouldn’t know it to look at me. If I am honest, even I didn’t realize it. I was, however, conscious that I wasn’t feeling my usual bubbly self.

I felt sufficiently concerned to take the matter to the Lord and He, being His usual good self, revealed to me that I was worried - about my children. Worried about whether we were doing enough to raise them in the love and knowledge of Him. Worried about their next steps. Worried about how on earth I was going to cope with more remote learning and working with no clarity as to when and how it would all end. Just worried sha.

As I said, the interesting thing was that I wasn’t consciously worried. It was buried. Had it been evident to me, I would have tried to quickly address the matter; but it was hiding somewhere in my sub-conscious mind.

Worry is rooted in fear. We are essentially allowing ourselves to believe a negative narrative about the future - a narrative devoid of God’s goodness, God’s faithfulness, and God’s direction. As someone put it the other day, “Fear is faith in the wrong god”.

The reason these worries were not so obvious to me are two-fold. Firstly, I know enough of the Word to recognize that I am not to be in a state of worry; I am meant to cast each and every care to the Lord.

Second and most pertinently however is that I have cast my cares concerning my children to the Lord so many times. With four children (oldest being 17) you can bet I have cast many a care to the Lord over the years! 😀

“Lord, please let this baby in my tummy have ten fingers and ten toes.”

“Lord please let this baby be delivered safely.”

“Lord help me to breastfeed o! How is it that I am having to go to a breastfeeding support clinic for my fourth child?” 😅

“Lord, what should we do about childcare?”

“Lord, what primary school should we send them to?”

And the list goes on…. I thought I had overcome worrying about them.

But that’s the point. For as long as we are alive, the list goes on. New seasons and phases of life.

“Lord, how on earth are we meant to parent children in this new era? What worked for the oldest is not working for the youngest!”

“Lord, what’s the sixth form of your choice?”

“What university, Lord?”

The requests will continue…

“Lord, please help them to get good jobs where they will not only be financially successful, they will also thrive.”

“Lord, please connect them with the spouses of your choice.”

“Lord, we pray for safe delivery… “

And so the cycle goes.

The journey of life will always have new mountains to climb, new battles to fight. Yesterday’s victories do not eliminate today’s struggles and the need to rise up and contend for God's promises to be made manifest in the lives of you and yours.

What we can always be sure of is that God has gone ahead of us, directing our paths and securing our victories.

Climb on! Fight on!


  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what secret worries you may have.

  • Ask Him to reveal to you the root of those worries.

  • Hand every worry to the Lord.

  • Ask the Lord for His truth concerning those situations.

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