• Sanyade Okoli

Come aside for a while

How is it that we find ourselves busier, at a time when most of us are still mostly homebound, than when we were out and about? Where did all this new activity come from? How have we managed to not only replace our old busyness for new busyness, but to go on and surpass it?

For me, this is food for thought - how what was meant to be a season of reflection became a season of frenzied activity; within the four walls of our homes.

Were we afraid of the new silence? Where we afraid of our thoughts? Where we afraid of what we saw of ourselves?

What is clear is that we were definitely afraid of missing out; of missing out on what we didn’t necessarily know. We were looking for answers to all the uncertainties everywhere we could; scared that the answers we were looking for would be in that webinar, that WhatsApp message, hidden somewhere in all the tweets... somewhere, anywhere.

Now here we are, four months later, with as many questions as we had at the start. Don’t get me wrong, yes we all know a little bit more about COVID-19 than we did in March. But we still have many questions unanswered. When will a vaccine become available? Will it be safe? When will we return to “normal”? What will that “new normal” look like? When will I get to hug my friends again? When will our children go back to school talk, less of when they'd be able to play with their friends again (free from fear)? And on and on. We are all still none the wiser.

There is only One who knows. So, having run ourselves ragged - mentally and emotionally, even if not physically - perhaps we should now pause and ask, “Lord, what are you trying to say to me, to us?” I think we need to hear HIS voice, now more than ever before. Like the wilting flower in need of water, may He pour out His spirit upon us that we be refreshed. Lord knows we need it!


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