• Sanyade Okoli

Man Your Gate

I have been sensing in my spirit for a little while now about the importance of each person manning his/her gate and not someone else’s; in other words to focus on what they are meant to be doing at this time. This is so important as when we are manning someone else’s gate our gate is left unmanned. We all know what happens with unmanned gates - it leaves “the city” highly vulnerable to attack.

I have to admit, it has taken great discipline for me not to volunteer for Project Ark, an initiative to feed the vulnerable during this lock-down period, that my husband has been very actively involved with. My very nature is “action” and to be “up and doing” 😊. With my husband so involved it made it even more tempting. I however did not get the release. My prayer during this lock-down period has been for me to only do what the Father would have me do; nothing else. It was therefore imperative that I listened carefully each day about what to do.

Particularly in the first few days of the team going out to distribute food, it would be very apparent at the end of each day why “my gate” had been at home and not in the field. For example, on the first day I woke up with a huge burden on my heart about something I believed was on the Lord’s heart. It was only after hours of intercession and writing down what I sensed the Lord was laying on my heart (that’s the article, “The Insidious Weight of Insincerity”) that the burden lifted. The following few days the Lord had me fiercely manning the “work gate”.

I say all this to say that it is so important that we all seek the Lord to determine what our individual gates are; especially at this time. We must also remember that it wouldn’t be a one-off exercise. God is our “Oga” so He can re-assign us to different gates at different times (AKA “seasons”). This speaks to ALIGNMENT, a word the Lord has been highlighting to me and some fellowship brothers and sisters since the last Jewish New Year.

Let’s pursue deliberate alignment y’all; as the Lord is shifting things we must ensure that we are where He wants us to be, when He wants us to be there.

Part of the reason why it is so important that each person mans the gate they have been appointed to and not another is because we have been specially crafted and prepared to man that specific gate, and not our neighbors. In practical terms this means that we have been specially prepared to:

1. Recognize the friends who will seek to enter that gate and ensure they come in unhindered

2. Recognize the enemies that will seek to come in and “fence them”.

If you are at the wrong gate you will not be well positioned to recognise those who you should recognize; i.e. to grant access to those you should (e.g. by helping those who God would like you to) and to fight off those you should (because you have the wrong armour/ammunition for that particular enemy/battle).

Imagine my “gateman” comes to man your gate; he is highly likely to “fence” your mother, “toast” your daughter and allow the electrician who just stole from you to come right in J.

Also, if I am busy looking at someone else’s gate, I will be very distracted and be ineffective at manning my assigned gate.

When I am not manning my gate, or manning it effectively, I am letting the side down. My gate becomes a weak point in the kingdom. That, for me, is a most sobering thought…..

I will conclude with the words the Lord impressed upon my spirit a few weeks ago, “Diligence isn’t just about working hard, it’s about working hard at the right thing at the right time”.


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