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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Conversation between God and I after my family and I faced what, for us, was a serious disappointment over not receiving a positive answer on something we had all been praying and believing for.

Me: God, I feel left behind.

God: Compared to who?

Me: Compared to others

God: Why are you comparing yourself to others?

Me: Then compared to where I expected to be at this age.

God: What’s the basis of your expectations? Presumption! Do you know My plans and expectations for you?

Me: But it feels like it’s taking too long... I want to at least feel like I am being used for Your purposes.

God: What’s the basis of you determining how long things are taking? I am preparing you for My purposes. You are not yet ready.

Me: But You are using so many other people already; some younger than me.

God: Do you know my plan for them? Do you know what preparation they went through? There is a correlation between the preparation and the purpose.

So you feel left behind compared to others; whose life do you want? Go ahead and choose a person. Do you really know their life?

Are you prepared to take their pain with their joy?

Their shame with their glory?

Both their successes and their failures, their victories and their defeats?

Not just their current but their past and their future?

Their whole package? What you see and what you don’t see? What they show you and what they don’t show you?

My daughter, be satisfied with your life. Thank Me for what you have and what you don’t have. Trust Me to take you where I want to take you, when I want to take you and how I want to take you. I will definitely not use the route you want because I see the beginning from the end and you don’t.

Simply trust, surrender and rest!

Me: More grace Lord, more grace.

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