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The Father's Heart for Nigeria - Part 1

After the initial shock and horror following the 20/10 Lekki Killings, there is now a sense of flatness around us. Clouds of discouragement and disillusionment swirling overhead. First fast, then slow, then fast again. Feelings of negativity towards Nigeria; wondering if things will ever change for the better.

It is in this context that I believe the Lord has prompted me to put in writing a portion of the prophetic words I shared on Instagram on 12th October (for some reason which I am sure will become clear at some point, it was only a portion and not all). Whatever we do, we cannot lose hope at this time. Not least, because hopelessness is such a debilitating emotion (please read if you're still grappling with a lot of negative emotions relating to the tragedy).

With this in mind, I pray that the words below bring you great encouragement, comfort and strength.

“Do not be perturbed by all that you see. Do not be troubled by the current happenings. To birth the new there must be change. Change is uncomfortable. I am the God who will never leave you nor forsake you. I am with you in the difficulties; holding your hand as we traverse into the Nigeria you have prayed for and I have promised. Do not fear!

The pressure you are feeling is the fire which is purifying My gold. I will use the fire to bring up the dross so people can see the gold in Nigeria.

You are in a season of breaking down. The Nigeria I have promised cannot be built on the current foundations with the existing systems and structures. They must be pulled down in order for Me to erect the godly structures and systems upon which the new Nigeria will be based. There are some borrowed structures such as those from colonialism and from other developed countries that must come down. They are ill-fitting. There are mindsets that must be overturned. They are limiting.

This will not be a comfortable process but it will be a good, necessary and productive process. Look to Me and Me alone during this process. Do not look to yourself. The new that I am building is exactly that – new! You haven’t seen it before. Come to Me and seek My face concerning what I am doing and how you can partner with Me to bring it into manifestation.

Be careful of whose help you accept and whose vision you follow. Many will come with different and strange agendas. From within and without. Be alert!

Those who resist My change will be resisted, starting with the church.

You are entering into a season of uncovering. The things that have been hidden - for good and for bad - will be exposed. The Church is not precluded. Take heed!

I speak to my Church in Nigeria. Align yourself with Me and not with your plans and agendas. You have entered into a new season. I will not pour new wine into old wine skins. Keep abreast with me or risk relegation.

Set aside your individual plans and agendas and look at the whole. Pick up My kingdom plans and agenda. To do so, you must spend time with Me; to hear My heart for your life, your family, your church, your community, and your nation.

My plans are for good and not for evil; to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). Ask of Me and I shall show you great and mighty things which you do not know. (Jeremiah 33:3).”

Personal reflections

  1. What has the Lord been revealing to me directly and through others about His thoughts towards, and plans for, Nigeria?

  2. What are the things that I do and say that will impede the manifestation of the new Nigeria?

  3. In what ways can I partner with the Lord to bring to manifestation the Nigeria He has promised?

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