• Sanyade Okoli

The God-Adventure

So here’s what I realised yesterday morning regarding why I had allowed myself to get so discombobulated (an odd but likeable word :-)) the other day (see the “Help Me Somebody” Post). When I started telling my husband about how stressful that morning had been he had quickly identified the root of the issue (though of course I did not “receive it” :-)) but it took the Holy Spirit to later open my eyes to what was going on.

The Holy Spirit showed me that part of my challenge was that I wanted all things to be perfect. I want everything, I mean everything, to fall neatly into place. However that’s not life; that’s not part of the God-adventure He wants to take us all on.

You see, in the God-adventure some roads will be rough, some smooth; there will be rolling hills and steep craggy mountains; lush valleys, coastal plains and dense forests. There will be rivers; some rushing and some trickling; some to walk alongside and some to cross - sometimes by swimming, sometimes by wading, sometimes simply by stepping on well-positioned (by God of course) stones - but crossing the river nevertheless.

What matters most in the God-adventure is who we are on the journey with. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we have God before us, Christ beside us and the Holy Spirit within us; collectively referred to as the Godhead.

This is why it is so important that we all get to know each of these persons intimately. Once you really know who they are and are convinced that:

(1) God has the whole world in His hands so nothing is a surprise to, or is impossible for, Him;

(2) He loves you more than you can ever begin to imagine;

(3) Not only is God good, He has good and perfect plans for you;

(4) Jesus is praying for you constantly; and

(5) You are never alone; the Holy Spirit is ready, willing and able to guide you in and through every aspect of your life.

Then you will take life’s journey for what it is - a God-adventure; sometimes fun, sometimes scary, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes just plain exhausting. A tear here, a laugh there; times of dancing and times of stillness. Through it all, remember to stay focused on Jesus with a heart of gratitude. Rest assured, should you stay the course, the destination is truly glorious. In the meantime however, enjoy the ride!


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