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Truly Treasuring This Season

Updated: Jan 8

God forbid, but what if someone told you this Christmas would be your last?

How would you love differently?

How would you laugh differently?

How would you live differently?

2020! What a year! Who would have thought, a year ago this time, that the world would go through what it did in 2020? No one! That’s the thing.... 2020 has given new meaning to the expression No one knows tomorrow.

I remember spending time in thought and prayer this time last year planning for 2020. In January we had a team strategy day to set our corporate objectives for the year. I was determined that 2020 was going to far surpass previous years. This was The Year!! Who would have thought...

We put up our Christmas decorations the other evening. Unfortunately, not everyone was as enthusiastic and participatory as my youngest child and I was beginning to get irritated with the others. It was Christmas! It was the Christmas tree! This was meant to be a great family activity! As I was sulkily wrapping the Christmas lights around the tree a thought came to me: If someone had told my friend who passed away in the middle of the year that 2019 Christmas would be her last what would she have done differently? How would she have spent her Christmas?

I decided to “fix-up”! What was I whinging to myself about?! Really! What was that about?!

How easy it is to take life for granted. How easy it is to take loved ones for granted. How easy it is to sweat the small stuff. And why? To what end?

I decided that moment to change my attitude. I determined to enjoy the moment because, who knows if it will be my last? Not you and not me.

As you can imagine, after the unexpected passing of my friend I cried a lot, prayed a lot (she left a husband and two lovely teenage daughters) and thought a lot. I also wrote a lot.

Here are some thoughts I penned down during that period. I wouldn’t be so bold as to call it a poem so I coined the term “In-betweeners” for such pieces. 😊

One day there will be no tomorrow

One day there will be no tomorrow

For some, that one day is today

Today, I am reminded

That one day will be my “one day”.

Were today to be my “one day”

How would I spend it differently?

Were today to be your “one day”

How would I spend my day differently?

I share this piece with you today not to depress you, but to provoke you:

To greater reflection

To choose peace again and again

To choose gratitude each day

To choose joy always.

Christmas can be a funny time for a lot of people. Despite all its cheer and sparkle, for some it's a time of loneliness, of stress, and of tension. But for each one of us, having made it to this day, it should be a time of deep gratitude - whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in.

So, make a decision:

Love deep

Laugh hard

Live well

For who knows tomorrow.

This moment is ours, let’s treasure it. Truly treasure it.

🎄 Here’s wishing you a most blessed and wonderful Christmas! 🎄


  • What are the things that steal my peace during the year-end season?

  • What are the things that steal my joy during this period?

  • How can I minimise them this year?

  • What am I grateful for at this time?

  • How can I truly treasure my loved ones this season?

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